Saturday, March 22, 2008

Duck the Fevils!

This game is now officially HUGE. This is awesome. In light of the pair of games coming up against the Devils..I am declaring war. The gloves are off. My sleeves are rolled up. Better call the vetranarian..cuz these pythons are SICK!
I work on the road..and a while back I was near Newark NJ on a night the Pens were in town. I went. Pens won. It rocked. 35 bucks for a good seat above Marty's net. Nice. new arena, beautiful. They had the Devil logo pasted everywhere. I thought it was overkill.(just wait) The crowd was electric. If there had been just one more fan there, we would have had enough people to field a softball team. Seriously..EMPTY. Sad sad sad. I bet 1/4 were Pens fans like me.
Anyhow..after a few too many beerses, I head to the latrine. Guess what I find when I saunter up to the ol urinal?

Slightly looped, I started laughing. Too much. It certainly made what I was doing all the more symbolic and enjoyable.
(by the way..if you ever get the chance to whip out a camera and take a shot like this while in a busy mens room...expect more than a few odd looks and comments. FYI)
Anyway..Duck the Fevils. Go Pens.

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