Monday, May 26, 2008


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Go Pens!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pens Go Up 3-0 In the Eastern Conference Finals!
You know who is backstage warming up....

I know we all would love to see them end this in Pittsburgh..but you also know you want to take the Eastern Conference in front of those wonderful fans in Philly. You have to consider that they may launch D-cell batteries at the Penguins if they clinch in the Wachovia Center. That's right. I said it. I mean, they showered Malkin with concession food in a midseason game...

...If the Pens take the Whales trophy in their house, they may toss the cotton candy guy himself onto the ice.
Last night was an excellent show by the Pens. Nearly flawless. The refs were hook-happy against both sides in the first... then swallowed their whistles. It's a day later, you know how the game went.

Coach Stevens' dressing Steve Downie paid off big time. Thanks! Two game clinching goals is too much to ask from any Flyer, but the man came through for us in the clutch!
Funny, I didn't hear the Philadelphia..err..Versus announcers point out that Downie's late hit on Sykora was a cheap shot and should have been a know, the way everyone likes pointing out every non-call the Pens get. Way to stay objective, tools. When hockey is over, no one will watch your useless channel again until fall.

Let's close this out Thursday, boys! Keep your head up and your eyes open, and put them out of our misery!
Go Pens!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pens take two game lead into Philly!!

No goal?
Why not?
oh ya.

Hey, like I always say, things have a way of evening out.
Yes, Sid had that second goal. Yes, they waved it off. No, Hatcher probably didn't desrve that hooking on Malkin.
Even trade up...Pens got a goal out of it. Go cry.

It was a much nastier game Sunday, as we all thought it would be. The Flyers threw the book at the Pens and came up short.

Kennedy fought, but it was Gill that dropped a man with a puck to the face.

Richards made Geno throw up on that shortiegoal. ( he was a mess from then on, too)

Ruutu got called for diving on one of the few plays he didn't dive. Seriously, I saw him flop a half dozen times during the game from just running into people. But getting punched in the mush must not be good enough reason .

But, like I always evens out.
The pens took it all and came out on top. That's what matters.

Some ass-munch 'reporter' actually had the idiocy to ask Sid if he had a 'comment on all the reports of you getting preferencial treatment from the refs'
After that no-goal? Had the guy watched the game, or was he in the Flyer locker room sniffing their jocks the whole time? What an idiot with an idiot's sense of timing.

And yea, Malkin laid an elbow into Danny boy. Can I say this? I think he meant the elbow...but I don't think to the head. lil Dan's head is at Geno's elbow height. That's just a hit to some one else the same size. Eh. I dunno. There were shots like that going on all over the ice on both sides. Stop pointing at one shot.
In Malkin's defense, he probably didn't see he's been invisble for both games. now.

Game three will be just like last night, only there will be 20 thousand food and drink throwing loudmouths there to scare the refs. I think hoping for a split there is a worthy goal, then home after Thursday up 3-1.

Wachovia Center

Big deal tonight. It's the Flyers last best chance, if that makes sense. They's as good as over and they know it. They win, and they will have enough momentum to make this a seven game series.
The Flyers and coach Stevens have been holding their head high, never one to complain about anything. (i.e. refs, Crosby, penalties, Malkin, Briere, favoritism, etc.)
That last sentence was typed with more sarcasm than i can possibly convey. If you have read or seen any news since Sunday, you heard this:

Hey..Coach Stevens, if you want lil Danny B. to be treated like 'superstar', tell him to dress up for the game this time. The only time he has been seen so far has been when he sighted in the penalty box, and when Malkin's elbow found him.

The rest of the team, or what's left of them, will be playing hardball tonight, though, we know that. They are good. They are playing with the same desperation the Pens had a few months back when they were decimated by injuries. The Flyers were getting extra chippy Sunday, and the crowd will get them going tonight for sure.
(by the way..I hate the term 'decimated'. It's wayyy over used. You know it means 'to lose 10% of your team/army/animals or whatever'? So, if you have 20 players and are 'decimated by injures' lost two guys. peeve rant)

If the Pens can withstand that opening flurry, they have a great chance of stealing this one. .IF.
Let's Go!
Today, I heard Andrew Ferrence flapping his gums on Home Ice (apparently the 1000+ NHL'ers more talented than him were all busy) about Sid Crosby.
He said that he and 'most other players' like Ovechkin better than Crosby. What the hell kind of third grade 'he's not allowed in our club' kind of baby crap is that? "Alex says 'nice hit' if you get him good, and Sid doesn't like it if you hit him." he babbled. What a clown. Ovechkin doesn't like it either. Nobody likes to get mashed into the boards. Some just use it as motivation. A.O. seems to be like that. I'll give him his due.
Then i got to thinking. Why the hell is Ferret Face even running his mouth about Sid? The light bulb went on, and I went to look for something I just remembered. And i found it.
For a guy that can't take a hit..Sid sure took your girlie punches, joke. He may not be George Laraque, but he sure planted a few on your bloody melon.
I will be in cognito at a Philly location to watch the game tonight. Or if i get ornery between now and then, I may just put on the ol' Ruutu shirt and see what happens....
Go Pens!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pens vs. Flyers Game two

Tough one tonight.

You know the Flyers are gonna come out swinging for the fences tonight. Just like Dallas did last night. Hopefully the Penguins weather the storm like Detroit did

I'm sure Coach Stevens ripped the whole team a new one. (which is good, because Orpik and Malkin had their old one worn out!) They should come out spitting nails. I'm not quite sure where all the heavy hitters were Friday for them.

Hatcher was invisible until Geno facewashed him at the end of the game.

Steve Hartnell (above) spent half the game looking up at Brooks Orpik.

Richards was so busy hitting after the first period, that he forgot about that little puck thingie.

I still think the Pens will be ok. They have to be loving the scoring chances, not having Lundquist in net this series.

Hopefully, the Pens watched the Red Wings/Stars game last night, and they know what they need to finish this seven more games just like that one they played Friday night.
Go Pens!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You know, I listened to and read many series previews this week. All sides and sources..but one point was consistant from every media source NOT from Pittsburgh.
They all said Malkin was soft. That's right. Soft. Hit him early and he will go away, was the trendy idea. That was all the Flyers had to do, was to hit Evgeni hard and everything would be okay...

Wonder if they had a 'Plan B'

Well, it's obvious the refs aren't in the mood to decide this series.
But that's okay. We really wouldn't want it that way anyway.

Brief Synopsis of Game One:

Malkin was insane. Scoring, hitting, PP, PK, stealing, passing. His 2nd goal is the nicest I've seen in ages. His five hits was second only to Orpik's six.

Sykora made a beauty himself.

Crosby looks alot faster. The break seemed to have done him good. Had a nice re-direct goal.

Hossa was busy all game, looked good.

Orpik..well..he's the Hulk.

Wow. Dumberger's kids are gonna be born with #44 birthmarks.

And Marc Andre..just like the team..was shaky in the first..then turned red hot. Good job.

Flyers good points..

Richards was scary good at first. That 2nd goal of his was a nice one. Later, he turned to just hitting though. Of course, he still found time to cry to the refs.

Umberger tried..the Pens kept good track of him this game, though.

Hatcher..same clown we love to hate.

Biron..well he didn't have it tonight.

The only 'Dive' was by Upshall.

And Briere..wait..did he play tonight? I didn't notice. heh heh.

Oldie, but still a goodie. (that may my favorite Pensblog photoshop of all!)

See you Sunday, Flyers. Whooooooo!
Go Pens!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pens vs. Flyers Eastern Series Starts Tonight!

Don’t Sing It. Bring It .

At last, it begins.
your "Ya Flyer Scum Video" link:
A long week of players playing nicey-nice to the reporters, trying not to supply inspiration to the opponents. Five days of dopes (like me) posting their idiotic blather all over the internet. Since Monday, we have waited.
And now it’s here.

(politcal message of the day brought to you by Gary Freaking Roberts)

Respect is there and evident in both locker rooms. But that’s where it stops. No friendliness will be found between these teams. It’s all business.

The Flyers fans have already lined up their excuses for when things go bad. They have already used up diving, blind refs, and injuries. They must have an Ace excuse tucked up their sleeve, because they have emptied the six-shooter before they have even played one game.

‘Diving’ is an interesting put-down. Funny they don’t mention that their Captain Richards tends to flop like a fish on hot pavement.

And the poor reffing conspiracy. They had a point there. And to prove it, they committed OVER FIFTY PENALTIES IN TWELVE GAMES. Ya, maybe don’t do that. Because if Montreal didn’t go blind on every power play, tonight’s game would be against the Habs. I fully expect the cheap shots to start fast and early against Hossa, Sid, and Geno. The little sniper stick rakes, slashes, and pokes. The little elbows and knees and roughs. But it’s not going to save them. And they know it.
In Philly, Timmo is out with a blood clot in his ankle. That was the Flyers best shot at defending Geno and Sykie. Will the rest of the team step up? We’ll just see. I remember Flyer fans wanting to hear nothing about it when half of the Pens were on the shelf. Was no excuse they said. Ok, your turn.

This was a long week. I’m glad it’s over. The bad blood is about to come to a full boil. BG Laraque and Jarkko are going to be ready.
Found this over at the Pensblog..classic:

Jokeberger..will he do his usual or will the Pens dedicate to shutting him down? Briere, the little sneaky elven thief, will the Pens let him sneak in to the side of the crease like he has been doing, looking for a quickie? Some one need to give him a solid blast first time he tries. Hatcher is going to be a pain. On and on..we all know the drill.
Coach T. and the Penguins do too.

Look on the bright side, Flyer fans.. you should be thanking the Pens for ‘throwing’ that last regular season game, otherwise you would never have gotten out of the first round.
You’re Welcome. Tools.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doomsday Eve, Phlyerboys

Doomsday Eve For Philadelphia

The Reaper Is Coming for You Flyer Clowns.

All the unoriginal babbling has been rising expectantly from Flyer media and fanbase.
They have begun jumping on the Ranger’s “Dive” bandwagon. They have begun the conspiracy talk.
They have begun to spew forth excuses already. It seems they are expecting to lose. Why else would you start the crying? And, perhaps, they should find whatever golf course Brian Murray and Jaromir Jagr are playing on right now, and ask them just how the “Whining and Crying” game plan worked against the Pens. Heh heh.
And, go right on with all the diving talk, who cares? They, just like Ottawa and New York, are focusing on the wrong guy. They need to worry about Malkin, Hossa, and Fleury before Sid. Sid just finds the open men and racks up assists (like a machine). So maybe try not letting any open men for him to hit, Cryers.

The Flyers have really been spending time in the penalty box. If Montreal hadn’t gone completely inept on the PP, that series would have been over, as well.

And, IF the Pens get a quick goal early in game one…I predict a complete beat down of a series. Why?
Well, my deluded thought process has come up with this:
The Pens just spent a five-game series being stoned by King Henry. Face it, even though the Pens were winning, Lundy was amazing. Any of those games could have been a lot worse for the Rangers. He had the snipers very frustrated to say the least. Soooo.. imagine the relief AND confidence that they will get instantly if they get a good bounce and an easy goal early. “YEA! Let’s rack em’ up boys! That last netminder is GONE!”

I can see the flip side, too. If Biron steps up early, this could turn into a long jaw buster of a grind series.
I don’t see it, though. The Flyers have had too many lapses in play since March. Too many lost leads and near chokes.
Check this:

Pens have released a rendering of the new arena, looks sweet. Don’t get me started again on the graciousness of the Governor of Philadelphia for getting that deal done last year. (joke)
Ed Rendel..crooked as the turnpike, and just as backed up. Hey, you are where you come from, I guess.

'Ya Flyer Scum' Drinking song:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Three Days Til' Doomsday, Philly

Quiet on the Billboard Material front

I did hear this gem.. Philly will dress Riley Cote for Friday's series opener "to be an answer to Pittsburgh's George Laraque"
Wha? If he is the stupid was the question?
Here's your 'answer':>

Riley's future children will be born with concussions after that. What's that? Oh yea..that's not his first beating from Big George.

Forget dressing Cote, Philly better get ahold of Apollo Creed and get him to train Rocky again. Nice job.
Go Pens!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Tale Of Two Free Agents

Ray Shero looks even more like a genius.
It was trade deadline time. After paying out the waa-zoo and trading a beloved Colby Armstrong, he pulled a rabbit named Hossa out of his hat. There was a lot of sceptics at the time, me being one. I knew Hossa was good..but he had tampered with the team chemistry, we thought, to get him here.
Marian Hossa was sort of a slow starter, as well. He chipped in here and there for the remainder of the season, and even into the early playoffs. He was solid, but not amazing.
Then came May 4th 2008

Flashback to before the deadline again
The San Jose Sharks made a big splash, snatching heralded Sabres defenseman, Brian Campbell. All the talk was about how much Campbell would elevate the Sharks. Finally, a guy to bring the puck up, distribute it, pinch in, and play with fire. He also played solid. Onward went the Sharks..into the playoffs, favored by many to win the West.
Then came May 4th 2008

Yesterday was the difference. The Penguins, on the verge of losing all momentum, needed a win to finish off the suddenly-confident New York Rangers. In a super tight game of great saves and great defense, Marian Hossa rose above it all, and sank two of the Penguin's three of them an overtime game-winner.
Meanwhile, in the Sharks-Stars game Six, San Jose struggled to keep up their comeback. Just like the Rangers, they had been down three games to none in the series, they had battled back and were now trying to make it a 3-3 series and force game seven. A game of ridiculous and amazing saves, it went into a FOURTH full length overtime period. That's over TWO whole games. It was in this fourth OT that Brian Campbell took a brutal penalty. And as he sat in the box, the Dallas Stars proceeded to get the game winning goal.

Sometimes those deals pan out. Sometimes they don't. Campbell may very well have helped get the Sharks as far as they did get in the playoffs. But he will be unfortunately be remembered for that penalty.
Hopefully Hossa will be remembered for yesterday's game, and even bigger games to come.

That being said, and all the serious stuff aside.......

ON XM Radio NHL Home Ice today... I got to hear Rangers fans CONTINUE to whine and cry and rant. SHUT UP. You lost.

Yes, Drury should have drew a high stick when Malone split him open. Too bad.

Maybe don't blow a three goal lead in game one, and you would have had a different series. Maybe don't let your thug out to board Sykora at a critical moment in the series. Maybe get your whining moody superstar to SHOW UP in game Five. He was awesome for the first four. Why not five? Too busy fussing. Maybe he shouldn't dive when Ruutu pushes him..seeing as how he spent all his free time last week crying about other players diving. And Maybe..just Maybe..try covering a guy named Malkin and a guy named Hossa.
For the last time this season....

Shaddup and go watch the Yankees and Mets tank on half a billion dollars worth of salary. You'd think between them and the Rangers, some one would figure out this: You can't throw a team of big heads together and just expect victory. Salary can't always buy you Championships.
Good bye and good riddance.


Pens versus Flyers
Eastern Conference/Pennsylvania bragging rights Championship
Pens in six. Six hard hitting, big hurt games.

I've got all week, baby, and probably two weeks after they start. No big rush.
Ah, what the hell....>

I'll have this link up every post from now till the Cup Finals.
It's a long wait until Friday.. use it anytime your fight spirit needs recharged.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pens Rangers Game Five- Finish It.

Only One Way to Play this Game Today

Play it just like Game One againt Ottawa.

Finish this.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eve of the Beatdown. Go Pens!

I smell it coming. I hear the can of proverbial whoop-ass being opened with a quiet, but determined fizz. See you tomorrow, chumps. bring your golf clubs.
Really good article about how the other players feel about Sid. I imagine it would be awkward, and most outside fans only see him as a great player or a great villain.
Remember that kid, like him or hate him, had the weight of the entire NHL league dropped on his shoulders when he came into this league. He didn't ask for it, it found him. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to play hockey.

Easy to forget he's a 20 year old kid, and a human.

Sharks still hanging in there.. good..those two both need a game seven series.
Detroit just BLASTED Colorado out of the way.
If the Flyers and Pens can both finish up this weekend....

But first, there is an unfinished task at hand.
Take two advil before the game, are gonna be feeling it.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Back To Basics

Eastern Conference Semi-final Best of Seven Series
Pens: 3 wins

Rangers: 1 win (uno, single, lone, lonely, singular, even a blind mule finds a drink of water sometimes)

Last night, Jaromir Jagr and the Rangers changed water into wine, cured cancer, invented a car that runs on water, and won the Nobel Peace prize last night. They are the greatest team to take the ice EVER. Destiny and Fate got together, the stars aligned, and the gods have smiled..the Rangers are indeed the Chosen Ones.


Thats the impression you got if you spent the day listening to XM radio..NHL Home Ice channnel. I haven't so much as heard a caller from New York in a week..except the occasional Dive Joke (always sooooo original, you dopes).
Then the RagDolls pull one out of their collective bunghole last night, and it's the second coming of You-Know-Who.

what a pack of arrogant spongeheads. No, the calls weren't "hey, that was a good win. We need to hang in there and try to grind out one more Sunday..then see where we go"


And there were more, similar calls..over and over..more and more. Dopes.
Also, a mess of this from callers AND commentators, "last night the Rangers experience and age showed. And so did the Pens youth and lack of maturity."

Are you kidding me? The kids have been schooling the geezers the whole series..or 3/4's of the time anyway in case you can't do the math over there.

Wow. Like the world has ended and God left the Rangers in charge.

You know...if Malkin sinks that goal in the first..the Strangers are off to the golf course today. No lie. or Staal. Or Sid. Or Geno again on that slo-mo penalty shot. We all know it.
The whole of Madison Square Garden needs to pucker up and plant one on Jagr and Lundquist's butt cheeks for them even being in the series at all.

Giving credit..Jags has been a monster all four games. And for Mario's sakes..Coach T., KEEP GONCH AWAY FROM JAGS. He beats 55 every stinking time. I love Gonch..but Jags just makes an ass out of him. Remember Sergei riding #68 like a kid on a clydesdale back in march? I do.

Henry has been FRIGGIN awesome. Easy could have let in 5 last night, and every game so far.
Everyone else.. crickets...

Well, like I said yesterday.. glad they will clinch it at home Sunday. Mario needs the gate cash to afford Hossa.

last year, Staal sinks that puck, by the way. He is an over-compensating mess this year. He is solid as granite everywhere but his shooting, which has him second and third guessing himself, over adjusting and overthinking. he'll work it out. I hope soon.
Geno was possesed AGAIN. All over, and easily could have had a hat trick. (dammit, Henry)
Sid is NOT 100%. Not sure whats wrong. But he's not. Maybe they are keeping a lid on another injury, like his broken foot last year. But it's easy to see his usual eruptions are too far and few between for him to be in perfect health.

Sunday is HUGE. And Roberts will lead the charge.
Goodbye Jagr, Good luck Avery's spleen, Good riddance Colton Orr (..Colton? ok.) and Goodbye New York. Enjoy therapy.