Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Funday for Pens Fans

Pens 7 Flyers 1 Hot Diggity.
Ten games..six days..five of them against division teams..this is BIG.
As Mike Lang would tell you.."Get in the car, Grandma, we're goin' bowling!"
Geno keeps creeping up on Alex O. like a pair of silk boxers. The points race is as close for those two as it gets. If you missed that ridiculous no-look over-the-shoulder backhand goal of Malkin's missed a doozie. Four point game..rock solid. 4th in goals, 4th in assists..balanced superstar.
Hossa blended in and looked MUCH more at home than that first game of his that he got hurt in. Was a good scene. Dupuis..awesome. Who the hell knew?
With Sid out so long..and the NHL trying to promote itself so much..I think I finally understand why the rest of the world hates to hear about Crosby. By that, I mean..I have XM radio's Home Ice channel and the NHL channel on Direct TV.. and to fill Sid's is ALL OVECHKIN ALL THE TIME. They ran a 6 hour.. SIX show on Ovechkin yesterday on the NHL channel. All I wanted was the highlights for the day..but I got six hours of Alex shooting, scoring, hitting, passing, blinking, yawning, talking, staring, farting, and breathing.
The guy is great, but c'mon. He's everywhere.commercials, talk shows, promos.. I'VE HAD ALEX OVECHKIN SHOVED SO FAR DOWN MY THROAT THAT MY PROCTOLOGIST GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH!
Maybe that's how the rest of the league's fanbase feels about Sid when he's hot. I feel their pain now. I don't like it, but I feel it. Hope Sid gets back soon to put it back on the rest of the league and off of me. Is that selfish?

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