Monday, March 31, 2008


Versus channel BLEEPs. It just does. I have had it since it was the Outdoor Life channel, and it's still no better. When not playing hockey, they are HORRID.....terrible unknown MMA matches or a one ton bull jumping around (because he has a guy in a cowboy hat on his back and a cinch around his nuts).

When Versus does play hockey, you realize quickly that they shouldn't. They are stuck in time..I'm guessing by the haircuts and studio design...back in 1986 Edmonton? Hard to say. But when I am made King, I promise to force Versus to hire the best hair stylist in the realm. Sadly, Brian Engblom is beyond hope.

Avery was a no-show yesterday....maybe he was called for hooking. (HAHAHAHA! sorry)Hopefully it will be a double-minor and he won't show tonight either.

Crosby Dupuis Hossa=awesome

Malkin is ok, got a good scare, see how he reacts. He is still only five behind ol A.O. Possible to catch him? yes Likely? no I wish him luck. Nothing would rub ol' Alex the wrong way more than having the first Russian to win the scoring title be a guy named Evgeni. Oh I wish.

The division is clinchable with a win. Is 'clinchable' a word? Who the hell cares.
Go Pens!

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