Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday!

This is a Good day. Good win last night. Good game tomorrow. Good soccer technique from Ruutu. Good good good.

Now the Bad. Bad effort last night for the first period and a half. Badass soccer technique from Ruutu. Bad bad bad.

You realize if Talbot (I think?) had scored on that kick-pass from Jarkko..that would be the goal of the season on every NHL highlight reel for 07'/08'?
Jarkko frigging Ruutu. Hah.
I think he was inspired the other night by his counterpart agitator, Sean Avery. Avery is a fairly good hockey player, but his other skills set him apart. Otherwise he's just a solid second liner you have never heard of. I posted elsewhere that he's a better Ruutu than Jarkko is.
J.R. has more fun, though, and that's why we love him.

Some boob in the scheduling office decided to be cute. The Pens and Devils play twice in the next four days. Each game, the visitor is coming off of a game the night before. Thats all fine and fair...except that the Devils have one day off, today, before the first game..but the Devils have Sunday and Monday off before they host the Pens Tuesday. Go look up the teams' schedule this week and next and you will see how tiring the Pens have it over the Devils. In the eight days leading up to that Tuesday game, the Pens will have played 5 games, including the night before.. the Devils 3 games, and have just had a two day break.

Whining and nitpicking? oh ya I am. But these two games against them are very important. Could mean the difference between playing Buffalo in round one, or playing the Rangers. Flyers or Ottawa. Home ice or visitor. I'm gonna fuss and whine.

Think Big George is going to be a healthy scratch or has Coach T cooled off at him?
Have a good Easter weekend.

Dear Easter Bunny,
Please bring Hossa a new wristwatch for Easter, he can't tell time yet and needs to learn.

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