Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pens vs. Flyers Game two

Tough one tonight.

You know the Flyers are gonna come out swinging for the fences tonight. Just like Dallas did last night. Hopefully the Penguins weather the storm like Detroit did

I'm sure Coach Stevens ripped the whole team a new one. (which is good, because Orpik and Malkin had their old one worn out!) They should come out spitting nails. I'm not quite sure where all the heavy hitters were Friday for them.

Hatcher was invisible until Geno facewashed him at the end of the game.

Steve Hartnell (above) spent half the game looking up at Brooks Orpik.

Richards was so busy hitting after the first period, that he forgot about that little puck thingie.

I still think the Pens will be ok. They have to be loving the scoring chances, not having Lundquist in net this series.

Hopefully, the Pens watched the Red Wings/Stars game last night, and they know what they need to finish this seven more games just like that one they played Friday night.
Go Pens!

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