Friday, May 9, 2008

Pens vs. Flyers Eastern Series Starts Tonight!

Don’t Sing It. Bring It .

At last, it begins.
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A long week of players playing nicey-nice to the reporters, trying not to supply inspiration to the opponents. Five days of dopes (like me) posting their idiotic blather all over the internet. Since Monday, we have waited.
And now it’s here.

(politcal message of the day brought to you by Gary Freaking Roberts)

Respect is there and evident in both locker rooms. But that’s where it stops. No friendliness will be found between these teams. It’s all business.

The Flyers fans have already lined up their excuses for when things go bad. They have already used up diving, blind refs, and injuries. They must have an Ace excuse tucked up their sleeve, because they have emptied the six-shooter before they have even played one game.

‘Diving’ is an interesting put-down. Funny they don’t mention that their Captain Richards tends to flop like a fish on hot pavement.

And the poor reffing conspiracy. They had a point there. And to prove it, they committed OVER FIFTY PENALTIES IN TWELVE GAMES. Ya, maybe don’t do that. Because if Montreal didn’t go blind on every power play, tonight’s game would be against the Habs. I fully expect the cheap shots to start fast and early against Hossa, Sid, and Geno. The little sniper stick rakes, slashes, and pokes. The little elbows and knees and roughs. But it’s not going to save them. And they know it.
In Philly, Timmo is out with a blood clot in his ankle. That was the Flyers best shot at defending Geno and Sykie. Will the rest of the team step up? We’ll just see. I remember Flyer fans wanting to hear nothing about it when half of the Pens were on the shelf. Was no excuse they said. Ok, your turn.

This was a long week. I’m glad it’s over. The bad blood is about to come to a full boil. BG Laraque and Jarkko are going to be ready.
Found this over at the Pensblog..classic:

Jokeberger..will he do his usual or will the Pens dedicate to shutting him down? Briere, the little sneaky elven thief, will the Pens let him sneak in to the side of the crease like he has been doing, looking for a quickie? Some one need to give him a solid blast first time he tries. Hatcher is going to be a pain. On and on..we all know the drill.
Coach T. and the Penguins do too.

Look on the bright side, Flyer fans.. you should be thanking the Pens for ‘throwing’ that last regular season game, otherwise you would never have gotten out of the first round.
You’re Welcome. Tools.

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