Monday, May 5, 2008

A Tale Of Two Free Agents

Ray Shero looks even more like a genius.
It was trade deadline time. After paying out the waa-zoo and trading a beloved Colby Armstrong, he pulled a rabbit named Hossa out of his hat. There was a lot of sceptics at the time, me being one. I knew Hossa was good..but he had tampered with the team chemistry, we thought, to get him here.
Marian Hossa was sort of a slow starter, as well. He chipped in here and there for the remainder of the season, and even into the early playoffs. He was solid, but not amazing.
Then came May 4th 2008

Flashback to before the deadline again
The San Jose Sharks made a big splash, snatching heralded Sabres defenseman, Brian Campbell. All the talk was about how much Campbell would elevate the Sharks. Finally, a guy to bring the puck up, distribute it, pinch in, and play with fire. He also played solid. Onward went the Sharks..into the playoffs, favored by many to win the West.
Then came May 4th 2008

Yesterday was the difference. The Penguins, on the verge of losing all momentum, needed a win to finish off the suddenly-confident New York Rangers. In a super tight game of great saves and great defense, Marian Hossa rose above it all, and sank two of the Penguin's three of them an overtime game-winner.
Meanwhile, in the Sharks-Stars game Six, San Jose struggled to keep up their comeback. Just like the Rangers, they had been down three games to none in the series, they had battled back and were now trying to make it a 3-3 series and force game seven. A game of ridiculous and amazing saves, it went into a FOURTH full length overtime period. That's over TWO whole games. It was in this fourth OT that Brian Campbell took a brutal penalty. And as he sat in the box, the Dallas Stars proceeded to get the game winning goal.

Sometimes those deals pan out. Sometimes they don't. Campbell may very well have helped get the Sharks as far as they did get in the playoffs. But he will be unfortunately be remembered for that penalty.
Hopefully Hossa will be remembered for yesterday's game, and even bigger games to come.

That being said, and all the serious stuff aside.......

ON XM Radio NHL Home Ice today... I got to hear Rangers fans CONTINUE to whine and cry and rant. SHUT UP. You lost.

Yes, Drury should have drew a high stick when Malone split him open. Too bad.

Maybe don't blow a three goal lead in game one, and you would have had a different series. Maybe don't let your thug out to board Sykora at a critical moment in the series. Maybe get your whining moody superstar to SHOW UP in game Five. He was awesome for the first four. Why not five? Too busy fussing. Maybe he shouldn't dive when Ruutu pushes him..seeing as how he spent all his free time last week crying about other players diving. And Maybe..just Maybe..try covering a guy named Malkin and a guy named Hossa.
For the last time this season....

Shaddup and go watch the Yankees and Mets tank on half a billion dollars worth of salary. You'd think between them and the Rangers, some one would figure out this: You can't throw a team of big heads together and just expect victory. Salary can't always buy you Championships.
Good bye and good riddance.


Pens versus Flyers
Eastern Conference/Pennsylvania bragging rights Championship
Pens in six. Six hard hitting, big hurt games.

I've got all week, baby, and probably two weeks after they start. No big rush.
Ah, what the hell....>

I'll have this link up every post from now till the Cup Finals.
It's a long wait until Friday.. use it anytime your fight spirit needs recharged.

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