Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pens take two game lead into Philly!!

No goal?
Why not?
oh ya.

Hey, like I always say, things have a way of evening out.
Yes, Sid had that second goal. Yes, they waved it off. No, Hatcher probably didn't desrve that hooking on Malkin.
Even trade up...Pens got a goal out of it. Go cry.

It was a much nastier game Sunday, as we all thought it would be. The Flyers threw the book at the Pens and came up short.

Kennedy fought, but it was Gill that dropped a man with a puck to the face.

Richards made Geno throw up on that shortiegoal. ( he was a mess from then on, too)

Ruutu got called for diving on one of the few plays he didn't dive. Seriously, I saw him flop a half dozen times during the game from just running into people. But getting punched in the mush must not be good enough reason .

But, like I said..it always evens out.
The pens took it all and came out on top. That's what matters.

Some ass-munch 'reporter' actually had the idiocy to ask Sid if he had a 'comment on all the reports of you getting preferencial treatment from the refs'
After that no-goal? Had the guy watched the game, or was he in the Flyer locker room sniffing their jocks the whole time? What an idiot with an idiot's sense of timing.

And yea, Malkin laid an elbow into Danny boy. Can I say this? I think he meant the elbow...but I don't think to the head. lil Dan's head is at Geno's elbow height. That's just a hit to some one else the same size. Eh. I dunno. There were shots like that going on all over the ice on both sides. Stop pointing at one shot.
In Malkin's defense, he probably didn't see Briere..as he's been invisble for both games. now.

Game three will be just like last night, only there will be 20 thousand food and drink throwing loudmouths there to scare the refs. I think hoping for a split there is a worthy goal, then home after Thursday up 3-1.

Wachovia Center

Big deal tonight. It's the Flyers last best chance, if that makes sense. They lose..it's as good as over and they know it. They win, and they will have enough momentum to make this a seven game series.
The Flyers and coach Stevens have been holding their head high, never one to complain about anything. (i.e. refs, Crosby, penalties, Malkin, Briere, favoritism, etc.)
That last sentence was typed with more sarcasm than i can possibly convey. If you have read or seen any news since Sunday, you heard this:

Hey..Coach Stevens, if you want lil Danny B. to be treated like 'superstar', tell him to dress up for the game this time. The only time he has been seen so far has been when he sighted in the penalty box, and when Malkin's elbow found him.

The rest of the team, or what's left of them, will be playing hardball tonight, though, we know that. They are good. They are playing with the same desperation the Pens had a few months back when they were decimated by injuries. The Flyers were getting extra chippy Sunday, and the crowd will get them going tonight for sure.
(by the way..I hate the term 'decimated'. It's wayyy over used. You know it means 'to lose 10% of your team/army/animals or whatever'? So, if you have 20 players and are 'decimated by injures'..you lost two guys. Sorry..pet peeve rant)

If the Pens can withstand that opening flurry, they have a great chance of stealing this one. .IF.
Let's Go!
Today, I heard Andrew Ferrence flapping his gums on Home Ice (apparently the 1000+ NHL'ers more talented than him were all busy) about Sid Crosby.
He said that he and 'most other players' like Ovechkin better than Crosby. What the hell kind of third grade 'he's not allowed in our club' kind of baby crap is that? "Alex says 'nice hit' if you get him good, and Sid doesn't like it if you hit him." he babbled. What a clown. Ovechkin doesn't like it either. Nobody likes to get mashed into the boards. Some just use it as motivation. A.O. seems to be like that. I'll give him his due.
Then i got to thinking. Why the hell is Ferret Face even running his mouth about Sid? The light bulb went on, and I went to look for something I just remembered. And i found it.
For a guy that can't take a hit..Sid sure took your girlie punches, joke. He may not be George Laraque, but he sure planted a few on your bloody melon.
I will be in cognito at a Philly location to watch the game tonight. Or if i get ornery between now and then, I may just put on the ol' Ruutu shirt and see what happens....
Go Pens!!

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