Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eve of the Beatdown. Go Pens!

I smell it coming. I hear the can of proverbial whoop-ass being opened with a quiet, but determined fizz. See you tomorrow, chumps. bring your golf clubs.
Really good article about how the other players feel about Sid. I imagine it would be awkward, and most outside fans only see him as a great player or a great villain.
Remember that kid, like him or hate him, had the weight of the entire NHL league dropped on his shoulders when he came into this league. He didn't ask for it, it found him. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to play hockey.

Easy to forget he's a 20 year old kid, and a human.

Sharks still hanging in there.. good..those two both need a game seven series.
Detroit just BLASTED Colorado out of the way.
If the Flyers and Pens can both finish up this weekend....

But first, there is an unfinished task at hand.
Take two advil before the game, are gonna be feeling it.

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