Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doomsday Eve, Phlyerboys

Doomsday Eve For Philadelphia

The Reaper Is Coming for You Flyer Clowns.

All the unoriginal babbling has been rising expectantly from Flyer media and fanbase.
They have begun jumping on the Ranger’s “Dive” bandwagon. They have begun the conspiracy talk.
They have begun to spew forth excuses already. It seems they are expecting to lose. Why else would you start the crying? And, perhaps, they should find whatever golf course Brian Murray and Jaromir Jagr are playing on right now, and ask them just how the “Whining and Crying” game plan worked against the Pens. Heh heh.
And, go right on with all the diving talk, who cares? They, just like Ottawa and New York, are focusing on the wrong guy. They need to worry about Malkin, Hossa, and Fleury before Sid. Sid just finds the open men and racks up assists (like a machine). So maybe try not letting any open men for him to hit, Cryers.

The Flyers have really been spending time in the penalty box. If Montreal hadn’t gone completely inept on the PP, that series would have been over, as well.

And, IF the Pens get a quick goal early in game one…I predict a complete beat down of a series. Why?
Well, my deluded thought process has come up with this:
The Pens just spent a five-game series being stoned by King Henry. Face it, even though the Pens were winning, Lundy was amazing. Any of those games could have been a lot worse for the Rangers. He had the snipers very frustrated to say the least. Soooo.. imagine the relief AND confidence that they will get instantly if they get a good bounce and an easy goal early. “YEA! Let’s rack em’ up boys! That last netminder is GONE!”

I can see the flip side, too. If Biron steps up early, this could turn into a long jaw buster of a grind series.
I don’t see it, though. The Flyers have had too many lapses in play since March. Too many lost leads and near chokes.
Check this:

Pens have released a rendering of the new arena, looks sweet. Don’t get me started again on the graciousness of the Governor of Philadelphia for getting that deal done last year. (joke)
Ed Rendel..crooked as the turnpike, and just as backed up. Hey, you are where you come from, I guess.

'Ya Flyer Scum' Drinking song:

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