Saturday, April 12, 2008

2-0 and on to Ottawa! (baby!)

No goofy pictures today. All business. Another intense game. I think Malone may have just broke the remaining spirits in the Sens.
A few of my moronic observations....

1.) Sid is not 100%, either physically or mentally or both. I see flashes of his old greatness, but not his usual go-all-out-every-shift intensity. I think perhaps he is trying to pace himself, or has a fear of re-injury haunting his head. He has been way too invisible so far. I understand Ottawa has their best guys against his line, but he and his invisible partner Hossa are just not clicking like the rest of the team.

2.) Malkin is the best player on the ice in the eastern conference right now. I have only seen two games from the west, so I can't say..I think Iginla is putting up a show in Calgary. But over here, Geno is soaring like an eagle..freezing d-men in their tracks, getting no look passes off to Sykora that would make your mamma cry, spinning like a figure skater and getting slappers so hard they smash guys helmets and leave a gash 15 stitches long underneath. He is seeing the ice, playing on the pk and just leading the team in general. So, pretty much, Sid..take your time getting back into form.. Malkin, and for that matter, the whole rest of the team, is holding down the fort just fine.

3.) Sykora and Malkin need locked into long deals NOW. How awesome are they together? They were good from the get-go, but good gravy, after 3 months they have really came along. And Malone is in the mix with them, but not on quite the same wavelength.

4.) and yes, i called the 5-3 sore. Scroll down, it's there. How did I do it? Even a blind emu finds a drink now and then, i guess, because it's not that I have any clue what I am saying.

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