Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to Madison Square Garden, here is YOUR Pittsburgh Penguins!!


Pens:5 Rangers:3

Pens Lead Series 3-0 (zero, nada, zilchereno, goose egg, NOTHING!)
you know what that means..

It's too late to talk about just how awesome the Pens played tonight. maybe tomorrow.

Know this much..
BGL was clutch
Staal is Mr. PK
Geno is a points machine
and Gill is a bulldozer in front of Fleury on the PK.
Go Pens!!!

(I swear I had this up before Pensblog had their toilet bowl up....too bad mine sucks and theirs rocks. Guy even used the same photo!!)


If the Pens can stand the opening fury we know will come from the Rangers, if they can hang in there and put this one away....
If they can go up 3-0..we know, AND the Rangers know.. it's over. Broken spirits baby.
Die-hard Ranger fans have alot on their minds.

Go up 3-0? Thats a big if, though. I'm expecting a split in the Garden, with game 5 back in the Igloo for that clincher.

Pens have had alot of problems in MSG this year. Let's see how they respond. Hopefully the crowd won't jitter Marc-Andre. That's first and foremost. Then hope gary Roberts plays. His old-school attitude will probably help the gang focus. And.. for the love of all things great and small..if Hossa can hit the back of the net, it would settle the Pens nerves a whole lot.

Avery..that little twit. You know he will be on speeders tonight. The question is..will he go overboard and get himself in the bin, or keep his cool and get one of the Pens put away?

Sid.. you know how bad he is going to hear it. I predicted a hat trick for him the other night..unfortunately it seemed like Jagr and the other 'superstars' name-calling had him in a funk. I still say the best way to shut everyone up is to hang three goals on them. Easy for me to say, eh? Idon't have Avery slashing, or Rozsival hanging, or Orr hitting me.
Still..go get em' Sid.

Pens D...they have been stellar..if they can keep their cool in the noise of MSG.. Pens can win.

Whooo! Go Pens!
And remember:

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