Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And at last we have a challenger......

And so it begins....

Finally. Let's rock the Garden, baby.
The good news..they are just as rested (meaning OVERrested). No worries about one team being fresh, having momentum, tired or not.
Real Men versus Real Men and Sean Avery.
No excuses, no surrender. Bring it. Both even, ready to rock. See you Friday, jokes.
How did we get to this?? Well..

Nice Game 7 OT tankage.
And that show by the refs pretty much tosses out all conspiracy theories. Except the one about Alex Ovechkin being Encino Man. That one may stick.

Pauly Shore was unavailable for comment.
Grats to the Flyers on pulling off the last second double-fate reversal. Now go kill the Habs.
Time to reload.
As I type this..I am watching Calgary and San Jose abusing each other. Silently, I cheer for the Flames. Mostly... because I have heard how great the Sharks are for months.Blecht. But some is just because California sucks and will some day sink into the Pacific due to the weight of all the egos.
Good night and Go Pens!

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