Thursday, April 17, 2008

Steel Curtain On Ice?

Wow. I got a chance to look at some stats from the SWEEPAGE series. As a fan, I was completely caught up in the moment for a week. Now we can get out the video and the microscope.
Defense. Defense. Defense.
Who realized? I mean, I knew they were playing good. But not that good.

They gave up FIVE goals in four games.

Danny Heatly had exactly one more point in this years playoffs than I did. (granted, I'm having a good year, but still)

Marc Andre was out of his mind

Orpik and Gonch were awesome. Just suffocating chemistry.

Anyone who guessed back in March that Gill would be as important a pickup as Hossa, raise your hand.
There were more highlight goals kept out by the Pens than the ones they put in.

So maybe, just maybe..
Gill=Mean Joe?
Gonchar= L.C.?
Probably not..but you just never know....

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