Sunday, April 6, 2008

GAME DAY 82- Go Pens!

Wachovia Center

I'll never condone losing a game. But I will ask who I want for round one..Ottawa or Philthadelphia.

The emotion in a Flyers series is almost over the top. But let's face it.. I for one am really about sick of that team. Let them go play dirty somewhere else perhaps?

The Senators look alost like easy pickings..and the Pens owe them one form last year. But NO WAY am I gonna pretend it will be a cakewalk. Last year the Sens looked only semi-tough..until April..then they went into Terminator mode and smashed up the entire East. Maybe let sleeping dogs lie?

I just don't know what I want. I do know this..Pens play Flyers at 3pm..and I hope they beat the snot out of them. End of story.

Odds of Malk having a 7 point game and beating out A. O. in the points race? Almost zero..but if anyone can do's him.

Thanks Pens for an awesome regular season. Good luck from here on out, hope to see you in June at the parade!
I am going to go put down some newspapers, my brothers may be stopping in to watch the game. It's one of their birthdays.. Maybe this year he'll wash his birthday suit before he wears it out.

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