Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pens Rangers Game Two! Do it Again!

Anyone who knows my ramblings knows I'm not a Sid defender. I have had Malkin as my favorite since before LeClair dumped him on his shoulder at last years training camp.
I love Roberts more than Sid.. his intensity, is just amazing. Sykora, Ru, George..they are all a notch up my list above Sidney.


I DIDN'T SAY ANY OF THEM ARE BETTER.. I just like to watch them more.
It's too easy to love Sid. He's the best of the best.
To translate into the world of cars....
Sid is like a Ferrari. Everone would love one.
But eveyone has a soft spot for other vehicles. Geno is a Viper. Laraque a Hummer. Sykora a Mustang. And Gary Roberts? Well, he is a restored 1971 Chevelle with a 454, dual exaust, chrome headers and a GIGANTIC pair of dice hanging in the windsheild.

That rant was a lead in to this:
Sidney can't get a break.
Guy was injured half the year. Won Art Ross and the Hart last year. Is the one EVERYONE wants to see play at their arena. What does he ever get from the other players and media?
Trash talk. And it's hypocritical blabbing at best.

It's either "Sid is a crybaby!"
OR, like now in New York,
"Sid gets all the calls! Whahhhhhh!!"

Make up your mind! Either he's a crybaby OR YOU ARE. Can't have both.
Sid didn't dive. He fell to one knee. He didn't blow the whistle. the ref did. Sid fell at least a dozen times the first calls. HE CAN'T CONTROL THE WHISTLE.
He is always flailing around if the puck is near him. And usually three opposing players are trying to keep him from it. Guy scrambles and falls. IT IS AT THAT POINT THE REFS HAVE TO DECIDE IF IT WAS A PENALTY OR NOT.
If you don't want to get called..KEEP YOUR D-MEN FROM GANG PILING HIM.
I've said it before. Sid gets more no-calls than calls. That game the other night was a perfect example. No-call on the throat-culture Avery tried to take from him on the ice. But the end penalty was, I ADMIT, borderline. (although, tell Marty Straka that was a penalty all year long, just not usually in the playoffs)

You would think a team that watches Jagr get the same treatment as Sid night in and night out would get how these things work. But I suppose not.

The good news is, my Kleenex stock is going through the roof in anticipation of three more games like the last one.
I suggest to any entrepreneurs out there, take a truckload of this to the Big Apple, you will make a killing before this series is over:

We all know Sid well enough to warn the Rangers..if all their crying to the media has pissed him off enough.. he may just hang a hat trick on them. Either way..this one will be nasty today. Worse than game one.

ps. and curse this diving topic for taking me off the real point of game one:


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