Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pens Waiting for three.

"So, it looks like the Pens will have either Boston, Washington, or Philthadelphia in the first round. We just don't know yet. Killing me. How can I load up the guns if I don't know the target yet?" -Me yesterday
Or Ottawa. The have dropped off the relevant radar faster than Brittany Spears and even faster than the Flyers.The Pensblog has all the possible results, but it's too early for me to make sense of it. They did have a whole slew of new photoshops, though.

This one will make a retired comic book geek like me just drool.

That's just awesome.

Also, they had a link to a Shelly Anderson article. I said yesterday that Alexis ovechkin was going to win the scoring title, and Shelly says Malkin agreed with first....

"I lose," said Malkin, who has 106 points, six behind Ovechkin's 112. Each has a game left.
Then, Malkin smiled. If Ovechkin is held scoreless at home against Florida tonight, a huge game tomorrow might at least give Malkin a share of the title with his fellow Russian.
"Three goals, three assists," Malkin said, smiling even wider.

Philly may get a real heavy dose of Russian Love is he was serious.

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Epic said...

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