Friday, April 18, 2008

Down Time Sucks.

With that photo, I am offically done with Ottawa.

When the hell is the next series starting?? A week?! Holy crap. Thats a long time when your team has the kind of momentum the Pens have.

This is going to be a long wait. Not sure if I can handle the downtime. If my calculations are .right, they could play the next series at the new arena. Sid will be able to grow a beard and Gary Roberts will be ready to collect social security.

Flyers crapped on the caps in double OT. That usually means the loser folds for the rest of the series. A 2OT loss is such an emotional crushing, that the loser just can't come back from it. We'll find out tomorrow.

The Habs are starting to get a little tight in the windpipe area. Better clear their throats in a hurry, or Chara and Boston just might get lodged in there and cause some choking.

Dallas still spanking the Ducks..awesome.

And Calgary dropped one to San Jose..but they are still only down 3-2 and headed home. Again., I lean to the underdogs most everytime. Go Flames!

Colorado is one up on the WIld. Those two are having a tight series but you don't hear about it too much, unless Peter "Hell no! I'm not going to Philadelphia!" Forsberg has a big night.

I need coffee and breakfast. Maybe drop by tonight. Me and Gary Roberts are gonna go do our routine of 2000 sit-ups to burn off this extra energy. Ok, you're right.. the only sit ups I do is when I sit up and hit the snooze button five times every morning. But I was serious about getting breakfast.

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