Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But I Just Put the Broom Away!

Sean Avery out for the rest of the Rangers' season.(one game?)
The first report had him not breating in a hospital bed.. dead or dying. Truth comes out..he has a lacerated serious shape..but not dead. Lost alot of blood internally.
I hate him. Good chance you do too. But not to death. No one wants that. You know deep down..if he was a Penguin, he would be a favorite. Just like Ruutu.
But he's not a Penguin. He's the biggest piece of classless crap in the NHL.
Still, I'm glad he'll be back. If there were no players to hate..this would be a dull sport.
Get well soon, you little peckerwood. Maybe Sid will bring the Cup to your hospital room.

Jagr to Russia?
he went off on one of his emotional tirades in the locker room after last nights game. Hinted that game four could be his last game in the NHL.
Some Russian Super League team has been saying Jags has signed with them for next year..been saying it for a few months. He was with them during the lockout year. Who knows?
He was a man possesed last night. If he had any help, the Rangers would have taken that game. They lost it themselves when Captain Moustache boarded Sykora.
Before that, the Rangers had roared back and tied it. They were swarming all over the ice. The Pens were reeling. Crossbars and near misses..they were coming.
Then *BAM* ...four minutes of box time.. and the Ranger's momentum, the game and their season falls in the toilet..and Geno pulls the flush lever.
Jagr was a mess afterward. Had the heavy sound of defeat in his voice. He has been SUCH a whiny lil girl over Sidney this whole series..I have realy gotten sick of him. But I saw him play like last night like he hasn't played in no avail. I think he wanted to be back in a Black and Yellow jersey.

Game four tomorrow. The fat lady is warming up. The Rangers are hurt, depressed, and down 3-0. Hopefully they get put out of their misery.
Finish It..Go Pens!

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