Monday, April 14, 2008

Say Goodnight, Sally!

I'm tired..but here goes..

Game was ho-hum till the Sens scored. Then the Penguins woke up. And put the boot back on those rats.

Sens risked really injuring Alfredsson putting him out there. To no avail. They are officially out of cards to play.

C'mon boys, one more. Hammer down don't let up. One more then come home and get healthy for a few. I had no idea a sweep would be possible. I said Pens in six.

Crosby- getting stronger every game..look out

Malkin-took the night off (but if you know Geno, you expected that sooner or later..he'll be back Wednesday)

Staal-holeeee crap he hit the net, not the post!!

4th line- unsung winners of games. you go boys

Hossa- so that's why we traded Colby for you. It all makes sense now!

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