Monday, April 7, 2008

Burying the Game 82 Hatchet..and moving on.

I have been busy trying to defend the Pens, having let one get away yesterday. While it is true, I do believe that Coach T. didn't care whether they won or lost, I just officially stopped giving a rat's turd. I sure wasn't worried about a Flyers first round. I was more afraid of running out of smack talk and photoshops. They are, simply, the easiest and most deserved target for my hockey angst. (I do have a belated "you friggin puss, Hartnell! You afraid of a 42 year old man who hasn't played in 4 months?!" I'd like to pass along)
Still hope we get the Girls in Orange later on, after my hate batteries recharge.
But , I am putting aside the whole deal. I am done spouting. There is, after all, a whole new enemy. Ottawa. How soon the Pens nation has forgotten the beat down last April. AND..the only time they have looked playoff worthy in the last 3 months was when they played the Pens.
This is just the sort of thing that can really get me boiling. HOWEVER, I have changed my ways, and am going to be taking the high road from here on out. I don't want to awake the Ottawa monster from last year, so I will blog this series with the quiet dignity and respect they deserve.

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