Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweep Sweep Victory!!

Long work week has kept me really busy..but some things just make it sweet.

What can you say but WOW.

Marc-Andre is the playoff MVP right now. End story.

The team is getting production from ALL over. That and Fleury together wins championships.

Ray Shero = Dr. Frankenstein What a monster he has built.

Now the long week and a half wait. Ugh.

Oh well..the Pens sure need the layover. Many dings to be healed, wounds to patch up, and sore spots to rest. Well earned time off. Enjoy it, boys.

Future outlook? Leaning towards Mr. Jagr coming to town at the moment I'd say. I hope the Devils can come back, and the Flyers get the Habs next round. But Rangers are up 3-1.

Guess what Staal had a game winning goal tonight? Not the one on the Pens or the one from Carolina who is on the NHL2008 video game cover Not the one who shared Penguin rookie of the year honors or the one who won the all-star MVP. Yep, younger brother Marc got a HUGE one tonight with just a few minutes left. The rookie may have just put a big nail in the coffin of Brodeur 's Hall of Fame career. We shall see. Senators sure could use a handful of those Staals. Well, maybe they can get the fourth one.

After all, Staals are Canadas 3rd largest export. After maple syrup and Ryan Murray tears.

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