Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Perfect cure for a Loss Hangover..the Flyers!

Drury sunk that clutch goal on the Pens last night, I am reminded that not ALL ex-Sabres have gone laughing to the bank. Just ones the Flyers overpaid for. (cough*Briere*cough)

As much as I enjoy the rival hatred in the Flyers/Pens fued... it's a real possibility the Pens could face them for NINE STRAIGHT GAMES. That's like that smoked hot sausage that smells so good, but after a few bites it makes you sick in the stomach and leaves you wondering why you thought it seemed so good in the first place.
Speaking of sick in the stomach... the season only has four days left. Thats two games. Plus at least four more. Sooooo.. to do the math..I am only guaranteed SIX more Pens games. Then I am stuck with the Annual Hundred Pirate Losses before the NHL returns in October. SHUDDER

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