Friday, April 4, 2008

Anxiously Waiting for Sunday

For some, it's more of an anxious wait than for others.

Like the Flyers.

So, it looks like the Pens will have either Boston, Washington, or Philthadelphia in the first round. We just don't know yet. Killing me. How can I load up the guns if I don't know the target yet?

Anyway.. the Caps are playing crazy. The Bruins..hanging in there vintage Devils style..defense. The Flyers..well they are OUT. 9th place. They need to beat the Devils tonight to get back in it. There is two teams that hate each other almost as much as Pens/Flyers. They go way back.
I found this vintage photo of Scott Stevens looking up John LeClair's skirt from the good ol glory days.

Wow, they sure weren't in shape like players now a days.
And, I have stated I hate Alexis Ovechkin. I still do, but like I have said in the past.. if you are gonna run your mouth, you hafta be prepared to fit your foot in there once in a while. That guy is MVP. Having said that..I am going to go puke now.

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