Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pens vs. Flyers Episode I (Fan Appreciation Night at the Igloo!!)

The Penguins will do the annual "Shirt off their backs" away their Jerseys to lucky fans after the game. It's a nice gimmick and just a cool thing to do. Two of my rat turd brothers have tickets. If they win I hope they get Beech's jersey. Pricks.
ANYWAY......back to what matters.
Did you hear they want to move the Liberty Bell out of Philadelphia?
The locals keep trying to smoke the crack on it. (buh dum dum)

I still can't make up my mind. If the Flyers don't make the playoffs.. I will get a good chuckle. BUT if that means the Capitals get in, no way in, hell..that Malkin has a shot at MVP.
Plain and simple..if the Caps get in, Alex Ovarian will get the MVP. If they don't make it.. Geno has a good shot.
Of course, if Evgeni would have actually played any type of a good game in the last two NATIONALLY TELEVISED GAMES WHEN THE WORLD COULD WATCH.. he would have a much better shot.
He's my favorite Pen..but he's damn hard to figure out sometimes. Personally, I think he is spotlight-shy. I think he wants to be #2. Which is odd these days. Almost refreshing in these days, when every sports star thinks they have to try to be cocky like Ali.
It's just hard to get, because you KNOW he can do it. Cripes..he was on a 200 point pace there for a while.. I guessno one can keep that up forever. And, y'know..who cares if he is content to be second fiddle..maybe he will only ask for a #2 salary when the contract talks start.

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